Infrastructure as a service

Cloud Infrastructure

Built on Dell hardware, Pure Storage and VMware we offer our customers world class hardware and virtualization infrastructure to run their virtual servers and applications. Gain an unfair advantage like Mercedes Benz F1 and run your performance hungry workloads like Microsoft SQL, Oracle and SAP on our Pure storage platform. Run your generic workloads on slow storage tiers and save on costs.

Manage your virtual servers and applications easily via our agnostic multi-cloud management portal with instant access to a purpose-built enterprise-class cloud infrastructure platform including the major public cloud platforms.

Our cloud platform is hosted at the state-of-the-art Teraco Isando and Cape Town data centre facilities offering a 99,999% SLA guaranteed uptime, resilient power, intelligent cooling systems and more. We combine the familiarity of a private cloud with the flexibility and scale of public cloud. We also provide high-availability and disaster protection at the Liquid-Telecom datacentre in Midrand Johannesburg.

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible pricing options to ensure you can optimise cloud costs with pay-as-you-go, reserved or co-location options that meets your budget. With storage options from slow to fast you can save on your storage costs but also gain an advantage where needed. Easily view your costs in our cloud management portal and stay informed of your cloud spend, but also work with us closely to optimise your resources and services.

Purpose Built for you

Our platform is more cost-effective than public cloud for running your virtualized applications, but we do not lack on advanced functionality or performance and we offer a more personalized solution that is purpose built for your cloud requirements. We want to know and understand your business and assist you with the best solution. For example, we are open to connect to your ISP, SDWAN or MPLS networks so you can easily utilize our Cloud for your virtual servers and application hosting.

Personalised Support and Service Delivery

Our service is personalised so we will get to know each other well and by name. Our team will be available to you 24/7 to support you via phone, email and our service desk ticketing system. This begins with our easy onboarding process and through our monthly service delivery meetings. We strive to resolve any problems you may have as quickly as we can but prefer to be proactive and understand what is happening in your business and where you want to go and that we can make that happen technically.

Detailed Monitoring and Reporting

To meet your monitoring and compliancy requirements, we can provide you with detailed reporting via our public cloud-based monitoring and via our built-in monitoring and reporting in our cloud management platform. With reports on resource usage like vCPU, memory and disk usage, to detailed SQL application usage and statistics, event histories and more you can leverage these for clear insight into your cloud hosted servers and applications, both to stay ahead and for auditing purposes.