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Infrastructure as a service

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Disaster Recovery as a Service
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Cloud Virtual Datacenter
(Infrastructure As-A-Service - laaS)

Triple H offers a private cloud virtual datacenter service hosted in our primary

datacenter at Teraco Isando, that gives you access to your own software defined datacenter (SDDC) on our cloud platform powered by VMware vCloud and Dell Infrastructure. You have the option for business continuity and disaster recovery at our secondary datacenters at Liquid Telecom Midrand and Teraco Cape Town.

Cloud Service Benefits & Features:
Cloud Migration & Assessment Services

Migrate with peace of mind with no lock-in, using our continuous replication technology to easily test failover to our cloud first and then move to our cloud and enable reverse replication to your on- premise environment as a failback strategy.

Optionally use our business continuity and disaster recovery services first to protect your servers on our cloud platform and easily test failover without impacting your production environment. At the same time use our portal to manage your virtual servers and gain your confidence in the platform. Once migrated to our cloud continue using the same services to protect your cloud servers to one of our secondary datacenters.

Our assessment service can determine the exact

resource requirements in your on-premise environment to determine exactly what resources are required on our cloud platform.

Pricing Model, Cloud Resources & Management:

Resource pool pricing model that is predictable and scalable. Reduce costs by making sure your sizing is correct through our assessments and reporting and don’t pay for underutilized resources if you don’t need them.


Datacenter redundancy for your hosted servers with hosting at our primary datacenter at Teraco Isando, Secondary Datacenters with Seacom IaaS at Liquid Telecom Midrand and Teraco Cape Town.


Redundant firewalling with cloud based SIEM logging Cloud based zero touch automated patching & updates. Cloud based Anti-Virus, Host Intrusion Prevention System and Endpoint Detection and Response.

Cloud based dual factor authentication option for your Windows virtual servers.

Cloud Based server SIEM logging services and optional SIEM cyber threat management for your servers.

Local & offsite backup data encryption.

Security Assessments of Infrastructure Provided by Reputable 3rd Party

Data Protection Services:

Managed data protection Services.

Optional local continuous data protection services for critical applications.

Offsite business continuity & disaster recovery to our Secondary Datacenters.

Monitoring, Connectivity, Maintenance:

Cloud based performance monitoring & reporting.

Flexible on-premise to cloud connectivity (Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN, Layer 2 VPN, MPLS)

Connectivity to Azure & AWS via Teraco Cloud Exchange 24×7 Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Services.

Other Cloud Services:

Office 365 and Exchange Online

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