Backup as a Service

Pay Per Use and Proactive Management

Pay only for the devices you want to protect per month and let us proactively manage your backups. Eliminate expensive upfront licensing costs and the time-consuming tasks of managing daily backup operations. We take care of the checks, restore testing, capacity planning and the need for tape management and meeting long-term retention compliance requirements, so you can focus on your core business.

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Protect all your business devices and data from loss due to:

Hybrid Protection – How it Works?

Hybrid protection protects your valuable files on any device. It combines a full local backup with secure cloud storage for a unique level of protection. Full local image backups are fast and 100% complete, restore of lost data is superfast. Combined with secure cloud backup for recovery in case of a lost local backup (theft, natural disaster) and for anytime worldwide secure access.

Secure Backup

Enjoy a secure, strong, advanced encryption standard (AES) for backups in-transit and at-rest to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Any Platform

Agents for Backup are available for all the platforms your business may use. PCs, Mac, iPhone and iPads, Android devices, Windows and Linux Servers, and even Office 365 email.

Easy Access

Access all of your data using a unified web console that includes a touch-friendly design for mobile devices and tablets.

Granular Recovery

Recover files, folders, databases, emails, and SharePoint documents, reducing IT workloads and improving productivity.

 Business Applications

Create application-aware backups of your servers and databases, truncate database logs, and more

Fast Recovery

Getting your files back is as important as protecting them, and our backup solutions get the job done. Recover individual files or an entire machine, even to dissimilar hardware.

Office 365

Add backup and recovery for your Office 365 email to ensure that messages, attachments, contacts, and other important information is never lost in the cloud.

Full Image

Enjoy time-tested technology, invented and patented, which creates reliable complete images of entire systems.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a vicious new type of malware that locks your data away until you pay the ransom… or not.

Fast Protection

As much as faster than the competition. Individual files or complete system images, done fast and efficiently.

Offsite Backup & Archiving Services

You can extend your on-premises environment to the secure Triple H Cloud for long term storage of unstructured, cold, archive and long-term backup data without being charged for any ingress or egress costs.  We also provide flexible connectivity and backup storage options at the Teraco data centres if you have presence there already.

Protect your data Offsite Securely

As you consume both private and public cloud technologies to drive your digital transformation, you need the confidence that your data is protected and is recoverable in multiple locations. We deliver powerful data protection for all your mission critical applications and support a broad ecosystem with fast recovery and long-term compliancy retention.

Securely store your data at a second or even third location from on-premise or public cloud providers via a secure SSL connection to our Teraco datacentres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The data is encrypted in flight and at rest with AES-256 and public key encryption controlled by you. Additionally, the solution provides a password loss protection option that allows authorized users to recover data from the backup in case the encryption password is lost.

Data Authenticity

Beyond encryption one of our service offerings provides an extra level of confidence to the authenticity of your business data that validates data is unchanged using blockchain technology by computing a cryptographic “fingerprint” hash unique to each file. We provide a notarization certificate that proves files you have stored or backed up have remained unchanged since then that you need to validate, by confirming it is authentic and unchanged from its backup state. While we share some use cases below, common potential uses include property records, court documents, and long-term archives that could be subject to legal or tax audits.