Secure DRaaSSM powered by VMware

Simplify your disaster recovery strategy with DRaas VMware vCloud availability.

DRaas powered by VMware simplifies data recovery through:

  • straightforward implementation using VMware vSphere;
  • simplified built-in connectivity between the tenant and us (with no need for VPN);
  • support for full failover, partial failover, and failback;
  • encryption in-motion and at-rest;
  • a simple pricing model based on the amount of replicated storage and number of VMs, with hourly compute rates upon failover; and
  • replication to and from the cloud, including VMware Cloud™ on AWS

Simplify your Strategy

Native VMware vSphere replication offers you:

  • simplified on-premises installation with a single virtual appliance;
  • simplified built-in connectivity with no need for a VPN;
  • Easy implementation using the vCenter (vSphere) Web Client Interface from your data centre; and
  • Simple and intuitive management:
    • vCenter (vSphere) web client interface from the Datacenter
    • vCloud availability for vCloud director portal
    • Secure cloud console access to the protected workloads.

Start today

Begin your journey to the cloud with  just one click to migrate from on premises to the cloud.

Migration needs no reconfiguration of virtual machines. You can leverage a cloud-based VMware vCloud stack to drive IT innovation, so removing local hardware reliance, and to evolve your IT to a dynamic cloud-based IaaS platform.

Simple pricing

The solution is priced to be as affordable as possible for our customers, so:

  • prices are per GB of storage needed and per VM licence;
  • there are no set-up fees, no per-VM fees and no bandwidth costs;
  • month-to-month and one-to-three-year contracts are available;
  • if there’s a failover, you’ll be charged for any burst capacity used; and
  • our expert support is included free.

Supporting our customers

Our seamless on-boarding process takes you through to your ongoing operations and our 24/7 support team is available by phone, email and ticketing system to address your questions.

Because technical questions cost enterprise customers time and money, we resolve issues rapidly through our committed technical team.