Secure DRaaSSM with Veeam

Leading the industry in DRaaS for hyper-available infrastructure needs.

Secure DRaaS with Veeam, with its simple-to-use flexibility, assures you a secure and robust replication and failover capabilities for disaster recovery by enabling you to integrate your on-premises Veeam environment with the cloud infrastructure.

You benefit also from:

  • centralised management and reporting from our secure cloud console;
  • integrated orchestration of disaster recovery runbooks for live and test failover;
  • self-service or assisted on-boarding and failover;
  • optional colocation for supporting legacy systems and hardware platforms; and
  • a purpose-built solution offering 100% compatibility with Veeam Cloud Connect.

Disaster recovery made simple

Recovery groups – You’ll have consistent recovery points (RPOs) across all grouped machines through grouping and tiering VMs for protection. The technology to pair with right-order fidelity, so that applications will failover while maintaining matching data and application integrity, is also Microsoft VSS aware for applications such as SQL and Exchange.

Partial failover – You’ll be able to perform partial failovers within that group, reducing cost and simplifying failback, by grouping VMs supporting multi-tier applications.

Speedy replication – Network compression integration assure you of closer recovery points and fewer WAN bandwidth requirements.

Recovery assurance – Automated testing and failover of your DR plan is made possible by setting up DR runbooks within the console to configure the orchestration of recovery groups.

Storage options – Ensure protection for all key workloads thorugh replication of VMware virtual machines that are storage-agnostic with two tiers of encrypted storage.

Failover assistance – Our secure Cloud Console’sSM failover wizard guides and automates the failover process and alerts reporting about the failover.

DNS failover – Integration of DNS management with the cloud console simplifies disaster recovery management as it can then can be performed from the same place from which you manage cloud resources and disaster recovery. Managing your public IP blocks, DNS zones and records is simplified and, through an easy-to-use search and edit tool in the console facilitates updates to all your DNS records.

Faster, centrally managed RTOs

Traditional disaster recovery requires data to be recovered before you access systems and applications, and needs management of multiple systems and platforms, resulting in complexity, confusion and possible errors.

Secure DRaaS with Veeam lets you recover virtual machines through a secure cloud console and centralises management of all aspects of your DR failover plans and your DR environment. Integration with our secure cloud console makes it easy to speed up your recovery time, from networking, to storage, to billing.

Limit data loss

Recovery point objectives (RPOs) – Prevent loss of right type of data for single workloads or entire application stacks by customising the RPOs of individual VMs or groups of VMs.

Automated failover / failback – Cut errors in the process of recovering your workloads or an entire site by automating and accelerating the entire failover and failback process.

Test at any time – Test your disaster recovery plans yourself, as often as you need or wish and, in a real outage even, you’ll enjoy more confidence of your plans working.

Elevate DR Confidence with Recovery Assurance

DR runbooks

Simplify management and execution of your DR plan by creating recovery groups in runbooks to set up multiple plans for any scenario. The console will enable you to recover completely.

Testing and failover validation

Verify the success of your runbook before there is a disaster by running a full suite of DR testing by selecting a runbook and invoking the automated test failover.

Our expertise

Our technical support and professional services will work with you craft a DR solution that meets your budget and risk tolerance.

Built-in reporting and auditing

Secure DRaaSSM logs changes to your DR configuration, generates automated reports with detailed testing RTOs, provides security reporting, alerts on performance thresholds and sets testing schedules.

Ready-to-use infrastructure

Our secure cloud is an enterprise-class infrastructure powered by industry-leading technology, delivering performance that meets or exceeds your own.

100% infrastructure availability SLA

Our global 100% infrastructure availability SLA, ensures your recovery site will be unaffected by unscheduled downtime during testing or an actual disaster.

Totally secure

Our advanced security features extend into the cloud your DRaaS solution and the  security measures and compliance rules you already have on-premise.

Simple pricing

Simple, cost-effective pricing to make it easy to determine your total cost for DRaaS includes:

  • per GB storage pricing;
  • no Per-VM and no bandwidth fees;
  • no setup fees;
  • annual or month-to-month contract options; and
  • expert customer support included free.

Augment your backup in the cloud

For customers of Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam, our secure DRaaS with Veeam is a natural extension. Workloads can be backed up or protected under Secure DRaaS with Veeam for full failover capabilities. Management remains entirely within your Veeam console.