Multi-cloud for Dell EMC Unity Family

Get the most out of your storage with the Dell EMC Unity XT

The Dell EMC Unity Family is a midrange storage offering that simplifies a customer’s path to IT transformation and helps unlock the full potential of data capital. Dell EMC Unity sets a new standard  for simplicity, modern design, affordable prices and flexible deployments – to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.

No compromise.Mid-Range Storage.

Designed for Performance

  • Blazing Speed

    67% Faster than a leading competitor, these modern NVMe-ready hardware platforms provide additional processing power accelerating virtualised application performance up to 2 x across Reads (100%), Writes (100%) and 70:30 R/W mixed workload (110%) along with 75% less latency.

  • Modern Architecture

    Dell EMC Unity XT includes new dual-socket CPUs, increased cores and memory, is designed for 5-9’s availability, active-active controller architecture with multicore optimisation and is NVMe-ready.

  • Rapid Deployment

    It takes 25 minutes to be full configured and ready to deliver operational productivity. Dell EMC Unity XT is as easy to install as a consumer networked printer, increasing the productivity of anyone doing installation.

Optimised for Efficiency

  • Platform Efficient

    Dell EMC Unity XT systems deliver up to 5:1 DRR with an average DRR of 3:1 and are 85% efficient enabling more effective capacity in the array.

  • Simplified Management

    Dell EMC Unity XT user experience is easy to use with simple workflows and an intuitive web-based GUI. All-inclusive software makes it easy to own.

  • Multi-Protocol

    Dell EMC Unity XT supports block, file and VVOL data simultaneously inside a single storage pool for greater flexibility and reduced complexity. Dell EMC Unity XTs SAN and NAS protocols enable flexible configurations, storage consolidation and lower TCO.

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem Support that Includes:

    VMware (VAAI, VASA, vRealize, vSphere, VSI

    Microsoft (Hyper-V, ODX, SCOM)

    Openstack (Cinder, Manila)

    Dell EMC (Avamar, Data Domain, Appsync, PowerPath, RP, VPLEX, VxBlock)

Built for Multi-Cloud

Customers now demand their storage infrastructure be cloud-ready. Dell EMC Unity XT was designed for a multi-cloud world and can be leveraged when deploying any of these cloud options:

  • Cloud Data Services

    Introducing, Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services: Connect Dell EMC Unity XT, consumed as a service, directly to the public cloud(s) of your choice through a high-speed, low latency connection. This enables users to gain the economic benefits of cloud as well as the high-availability and durability of persistent Dell EMC Unity XT storage while maintaining complete control of data.

    Plus, VMware customers can deploy an automated DRaaS solution with Dell EMC Unity XT in VMware Cloud on AWS for seamless, enterprise-grade, pay-as-you-go DR in the cloud. Cloud Storage Services additionally offers agile, multi-cloud support allowing users to leverage multiple clouds and easily and quickly switch clouds for use cases such as workload migration, analytics, test/dev and more to maximise business outcomes.

    Dell EMC Cloud Edition: Dell EMC Unity XT software-defined storage solution deployed with VMware Cloud on the AWS cloud. This block and file solution is ideal for a variety of use cases in the cloud including home directory for running a VDI environment in VMware Cloud, Test/Dev, or replication services to a third site.

  • Cloud Connected Systems

    Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance: An automated policy-based solution to perform file tiering and block archiving from Dell EMC Unity XT to a multi-cloud environment freeing up capacity and reducing backup windows.

  • Integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation

    VMware Cloud Foundation: as the first external storage platform to be validated for use with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), Dell EMC Unity XT offers the best of both worlds for customer’s multi-cloud deployments. Customers can easily provision storage for VCF with Dell EMC Unity XT NFS enabling customers to use best of breed components.

  • Cloud Data Insights

    CloudIQ: Delivers Infrastructure Insight right in the palm of your hand. This free, cloud-based application that lets you easily monitor, analyse, and troubleshoot your storage environment from anywhere. With no software to install and support for Dell EMC Unity XT, it uses predictive analytics to immediately begin providing comprehensive health scores for all your storage. The best IT issue is the one that never happens.

Target Customer Profile (Personas, Application / Workloads, Verticals)


• Tech Refresh of Dell EMC Unity and VNX

• Competitive take-outs

• Customers that require overall improvements in data reduction and overall efficiency

• Customers that need a simple and validated path to a hybrid cloud

• Federal and Federally vigilant industries – Dell EMC Unity XT is the most federally certified storage platform

• Prospects looking for: Modern and efficient architecture, Multi-Cloud support, high performance, rapid deployment, storage analytics, multi-protocol/unified and simplified management

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