DR as a service (DRaaS)

DR as a service (DRaaS)

For continuous data protection and availability, we leverage the Zerto IT Resilience platform. This helps you, our customers, to accelerate digital transformation by converging disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility into a single, scalable solution. Triple H has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Zerto since the start of our disaster recovery services offering. No other technology in the market today comes close to delivering business continuity, and disaster recovery failover and failback at the lowest recovery point and time objectives.

Protect applications, not just data

Backup protection is a good start … but how do you make your business truly resilient? We go beyond simple backup to ensure all your key workloads are protected and the recovery process is tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs. Built on a foundation of continuous data protection, Triple H Cloud IaaS uses the Zerto software platform, which unifies disaster recovery, backup and workload mobility in an IT resilience solution. Built-in continuous protection, orchestration and automation provide one simple, agile solution to save time, resources and costs. Powerful analytics and intelligent dashboards give you complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

Make failover and failback as simple as possible

The Triple H self-service disaster recovery portal makes it easy to manage business continuity and disaster recovery with just a simple click of a button. Built on the Triple H secure cloud platform with direct integration into Zerto’s industry-leading replication software, Triple H DRaaS with Zerto offers increased flexibility, custom runbook functionality, optimised RPOs and near-zero RTOs, so you have more control over your disaster recovery plan and accelerated failover with automated failover and failback.

Application consistency and grouping

Consistency groups known as Zerto Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) protect, recover and migrate all VMs associated with an application to or from your on-premise environment or cloud in the event of an application failure, ransomware attack, site-wide outage or planned migration. All VMs are restored to a single point-in-time, with data fidelity and integrity as a consistent digital twin of the production VMs. Combined with right-order fidelity, applications will failover while maintaining matching data and application integrity. Zerto is also Microsoft VSS aware for critical applications such as SQL and Exchange. Partial failover is also possible by grouping VMs that support multi-tier applications, reducing costs and simplifying failback.

Continuous data protection

Zerto’s industry-leading CDP uses near-synchronous replication at the hypervisor layer. This always-on replication tracks and protects every change in near-real time to ensure RPOs of seconds. Zerto’s unique journaling technology will dramatically mitigate data loss by rewinding and restoring entire sites, applications, VMs or files with seconds of granularity.

Orchestration and automation

Zerto delivers faster management of workloads at scale with minimal touch and automates manual processes to eliminate complex runbooks. This enables organisations to shift from reactive, resource-intensive processes to proactive, strategic IT. It allows easy protection for an entire multi-VM application using pre-defined settings, such as VM boot order, network configuration and re-IP. Zerto provides ready-made examples to automate fully the protection and mobility of your workloads.


Built in to the IT Resilience platform, Zerto Analytics provides full visibility of your multi-site, multi-cloud environment. With intelligent dashboards, monitoring and reporting, you can maintain complete oversight of the entire digital estate’s protection status.

Non-disruptive testing and  detailed audited test reporting

Enjoy simplified, automated disaster recovery and migration validation testing that can be performed during work hours with zero impact on production. Automatically generate detailed audit reporting on each step of your failover test. Validate and test your migrations ahead of time in an isolated bubble network with on-the-fly VM conversion between hypervisors and cloud platforms. Zerto supports pre- and post-replication scripts to automate the recovery process, as well as PowerShell and REST APIs for further customisation.

Failover targets and connectivity

Location choice, flexibility and lock-in elimination

Replicate to Triple H Teraco Data centres in Isando Johannesburg or Cape Town at a lower price point than hosting your own infrastructure or public cloud. Otherwise replicate your applications and data to or from the public cloud, quickly, correctly and without impact on production environments. This includes migrating between AWS and  Azure or to Triple H from public cloud as a DR option.

Layer 2 connectivity

Failover network and integration capabilities allow you to access data seamlessly during and following a failover event. Your failover environment at Teraco can be configured with recovery networks that match your internal private network range(s). By using layer-two networking services we can provide you, you can failover seamlessly via a stretched network. This also allows you to failover specific servers or applications if needed, allowing on-premise servers to communicate with the failed over servers as if they are on the local network.

End-user VPN access

End-user access is a critical piece of a successful DR solution. Triple H has built-in options for firewall, SSL and site-to-site VPN access, and supports tailored options to meet your needs as discussed above.

Triple H professional services

Professional services

Triple H technical expertise can design a complete BC/DR solution that meets your cost requirements and risk profile. This includes assisting you with designing and implementing a Zerto solution in the AWS or Azure public cloud platforms.

Reporting and auditing

Triple H records and documents all changes to your DR configuration, generates automated reports with detailed testing RPOs and RTOs and provides security reporting, alerting on performance thresholds and setting testing schedules.

Ready-to-go infrastructure

Replicate to the Triple H DR platform, hosted at Teraco, with enterprise-class infrastructure as-a-service platform powered by industry-leading technologies and a 99.999% SLA guaranteed uptime, resilient power, intelligent cooling systems, round-the-clock environmental conditioning and monitoring, reduced capital investment and lower lifetime cost.


With Triple H dedicated Fortigate virtual firewalls (VDOMs) and VMware , we can isolate all your recovery resources securely, including providing you with third party security services to give you vulnerability assessments for your BC/DR environment.

Flexible purchasing options

We offer flexible pricing for our DRaaS with both pay-as-you-go monthly and longer-term contracts with reduced pricing. Our pricing comprises:

  • a per-VM Zerto license fee;
  • the cost of your vCPU, memory and reserved storage, in any of our tiers of storage;
  • bandwidth charges, uncapped, no ingress or egress charges; and
  • pay-as-you-go Cloud pricing for any hosted workloads such as domain controllers or bastion hosts etc. running in the cloud.

Continuous backup and recovery is the future

It’s time to rethink backup with converged DR and backup

Zerto Continuous Data Protection (CDP) allows organisations to capture and track data modifications automatically, saving every version of user-created data locally or at a target repository. With little-to-no production overhead, incremental writes are replicated continuously and saved to a journal file. CDPs change-block tracking also allows you or administrators to restore data to any point in time with remarkable granularity.

Journal file recovery of seconds

Zerto’s journaling technology keeps a constant log of all the changes you make to applications and data. Because the changes are continuously written to the journal, it can deliver any point-in-time recoverability.

File and folder recovery

With journal file-level recovery, files or folders created minutes ago and deleted seconds ago are already recoverable using Journal File Level Restore.

Recover from Ransomware

Hit by ransomware? Recover your data from seconds before the ransomware encryption started, whether it’s a file server or specific folders.

Storage efficiency

Because Zerto requires no additional source storage capacity and stores all changes compressed, you can store 30 days of changes using only 15% of additional storage.

Automated application recovery

Pre-configure VM boot-order, network and IP address configuration to assure successful and fast recovery of entire application stacks or even application chains.

No agents, no snapshots

Because Zerto does not use snapshots or agents, it scales to thousands of VMs and never impacts production.

Why converge Backup and DR?

Traditional backup is cumbersome, costly and covers less than half your data protection needs. With the Triple H Zerto Platform, it’s simple and scalable, making use of your already-replicated applications for long-term safe-keeping. Moving from periodic backup to continuous data protection involves zero production impact, because there are no snapshots or agents.

Most backup tools are force-fitting recovery (the critical piece of data protection) to work off the backup’s periodic snapshotting technology. This is complex and unhelpful when timely recovery is needed.

Zerto flips this model, using continuous data protection, so the always-updated replicated VM data in the recovery site can be used to create offsite copies on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly schedule.

This way, protection involves zero production impact, because there are no snapshots or agents on production. You can store these offsite long-term copies efficiently on a disk or network share in the Triple H Cloud with purpose-built-backup-appliances or cloud storage in AWS or Azure.

Remove backup complexity

Scheduling backups is often a resource-intensive task that demands steps to ensure that backup jobs will not interfere with each other and that database maintenance jobs have no impact on the run-time of your backups. Continuous data replication allows all operations to be performed with zero performance impact on the production environment. Also, no additional infrastructure is required, which reduces operational overhead.

Goodbye backup windows

The ‘Elastic Journal’—a new concept in data protection— brings together short-term and long-term retention. It enables quick recovery of data—from a few seconds before or a few years ago. Data is copied from the short-term retention storage into the long-term retention repositories. As the short-term retention is stored on the target site, moving data to the long-term has no impact on production, so copies can be taken as often as needed, eliminating the concept of ‘backup’ windows.

Zero production impact

Offsite copies are taken from the replicated data, not production, ensuring no backup windows or snapshots are ever run against production. Plus, there’s no need to try to schedule multiple backup jobs within a specific time frame. Continuous rather than periodic backup, allows you to move away from the periodic point-in-time copies used in traditional backup technology.

Granularity of seconds – rewind and resume

Safely rewind to any point, even up to 30 days ago. Recover files, applications, VMs, or even entire data centres by simply pressing a virtual ‘rewind’ button. Studies show that most recovery cases that require granular recovery—such as file deletions, database corruption or ransomware—require only short-term retention.